Fermanagh is renowned for its world famous fishing. With over 300 square miles of water, the Lakelands are an angler's paradise

With its abundance of Loughs and Rivers, our waters offer game anglers the opportunity to fish for salmon and wild brown trout as well as stocked rainbow and brown trout. The famous sonaghan, ferox and gillaroo can also be found in these diverse waters.

The Coarse angler will find some of the finest fishing available in Europe, with bream, roach and hybrids in abundance as well as perch and tench. Add to this pike fishing that is second to none - whether seeking to catch them on fly or in a more traditional manner and the region offers all anglers wonderful opportunities.

There is no close season for the coarse fisherman and it is possible for the game angler to fish during all twelve months as our designated rainbow fisheries remain open all year round.

There are many popular Loughs, rivers and fisheries that are easily accessed by visitors. Lough Erne & Lough Melvin being the more well known.

Licences & Permits


Fishing, BelcooThe Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs (DAERA) and the Loughs Agency of the Foyle, Carlingford and Irish Lights Commission (FCILC) are conservation bodies responsible for protecting fish stocks in Northern Ireland.

Both bodies issue angling licences in their respective jurisdictions and, on payment of a supplement, licence holders are allowed to fish in the other jurisdiction.

Licences and permits are also split into categories (Game or Coarse). Game species include brown trout, sea trout, salmon, and arctic char. Coarse species include pike, bream, roach, perch, carp, tench and rudd.

A rod licence is required by law for each fishing rod used by anyone aged 12 years and over in the DAERA area and for all ages in the FCILC area, to fish anywhere in Northern Ireland.

Please note for salmon fishing from opening day of the season until 31 May there is catch and release only.

Game Angling Licences

A game licence is required by law for each game fishing rod used by anyone over 12 years of age in the DAERA area and for all ages in the FCILC area. A licence is required by law for using a fishing rod when angling for freshwater fish. There is no requirement to have a licence for sea angling, except when fishing for salmon or sea trout.

A DAERA game licence entitles the holder to fish for either game or coarse, but with only one rod at any one time. A separate game licence is required for a second and subsequent rod being used for game or coarse.

Coarse Angling Licences

A coarse licence is required by law for each coarse fishing rod used by anyone over 12 years of age in the DAERA area and for all ages in the FCILC area. Licences are issued by either the DAERA or the FCILC depending on which area you are fishing in.

A DAERA coarse rod licence entitles the holder to use two coarse rods. A separate coarse licence is required for a third and subsequent coarse rod being used.

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A permit or day-ticket is a document issued by the owner of a fishery which allows the angler the right to fish in that fishery. A fishery owner can be a private individual or a company, an angling club or in the case of the Public Angling Estate, a Government Department.

DAERA provides a Public Angling Estate of Fisheries available to tourist and local anglers on payment of a small permit fee.

A DAERA game permit entitles the holder to fish the Public Angling Estate for either game or coarse, but with only ONE rod at any ONE time. A separate game permit is required for a second and subsequent rod being used for game or coarse.

A DAERA coarse rod permit entitles the holder to use two coarse rods. A separate coarse permit is required for a third and subsequent coarse rod being used.

Holders of Concessionary permits using more than one game rod require a full adult game rod licence and game permit for his/her second and every subsequent game rod.

DAERA permits and licences can be purchased online at or for a list of locally appointed distributors contact Fermanagh Tourist Information Centre on 028 66 32 3110.

Bag Limits & Opening Times

Stocked Fisheries

The bag limit for stocked fisheries is 4 trout per rod per day.
Minimum size - 25.4 cm

Wild Fisheries

Salmon - from the opening day to 31st May is catch and release only. 1st June to the end of season - 2 salmon per day.
Wild Brown Trout - See individual fisheries for details of where there is a bag limit.
A minimum size of 25.4 cm applies unless otherwise stated.


From the opening day to 31st May 1 salmonid per day. After this a total of 4 salmonids per day (Salmonid means Salmon, Sea Trout and Wild Brown Trout), until 31st October.
A minimum size of 25.4 cm applies to all Salmonids. Coarse Fisheries
A daily bag limit of four coarse fish applies.
A minimum size of 25cm applies (measured from the tip of its snout to the fork or cleft of its tail).
All pike weighing 4kg (approx. 8.8lb) or more must be returned alive unharmed to the water and no more than one pike per day may be retained.

Further information available on:

Angling Code of Conduct

The Public Angling Estate waters are open to everyone and it is important that people using the fisheries show sportsmanship, care for fish stocks, the environment, wildlife and fellow anglers. The purpose of this code is to encourage good standards of behaviour and discourage behaviour which may interfere with the enjoyment of all those using the water.

Rules and regulations

Anglers must ensure they have the appropriate licence and permit for the particular water. These should be carried on your person and shown to an authorised Fishery Protection Officer when requested. All anglers should obey the rules as outlined in this guide and on signs at each of the fisheries. You should also refer to the back of your licence and permit.

DAERA-authorised Fishery

Protection Officers carry a warrant card which can be shown on request.

Conduct at the waterside

Please show consideration for other anglers and water users at all times and respect their right to enjoy the peace and quiet of the fishery.


Be safe, particularly when fishing near deep, fast flowing water or fishing from a slippery bank.
You should wear appropriate safety gear, be aware of all overhead power lines, and notify someone of where you intend to fish and what time you are expected to return.
You should also be aware of changing weather conditions, which affect the water you are fishing in, and always wear a life jacket when fishing from a boat. Never walk on ice-covered water. Anglers should also be aware of the dangers of Weil’s disease (an acute form of leptospirosis) which is transmitted through contact with rat’s urine in the water or on the bank side.

Handling fish

Fish to be returned should be handled as little as possible and placed gently back in the water. Fish to be retained should be promptly and efficiently dispatched, with a single accurate blow to the head using an appropriate priest/cosh.

Care for the environment

You should follow the countryside code at all times.
Leave no litter, do not damage fences, hedges, walls or leave gates open. You should avoid fire risk, drive carefully on country roads and always park your vehicle considerately and safely. Do not pollute waterways or reservoirs.

As an angler you should be aware that fish diseases such as the salmon parasite Gyrodactylus or invasive species such as Zebra mussels can be spread inadvertently through fishing equipment which has been in contact with infected fish, water or sediment. You should clean and disinfect all your fishing equipment regularly and particularly if it has been used overseas.

Angling Centres & Tackle Shops

Belleek Angling Centre
The Thatch, Main Street, Belleek
T: (028) 6865 8181

Carrybridge Hotel Marina & Angling Centre
T: (028) 6638 7148

Fishing Tackle & Bait
Sligo Road, Enniskillen
T: (028) 6632 2008

Kilmore Quay Club
Kilmore Quay, Lisnaskea
T: (028) 6772 4369

Manor House Marine
Manor House Marine, Lough Erne, Killadeas, Co. Fermanagh
T: +44 (0)28 686 28100

Share Holiday Village
Smith’s Strand Lisnaskea
T: (028) 6772 2122

Jetties & Slipways


  • Upper Lough MacNean


  • Bellanaleck (and slipway) T/S
  • Cloonatrig


  • Castlecaldwell
  • Lough Keenaghan (and slipway)
  • Lough Scolban (slipway only)
  • Belleek Marina (and slipway) T
  • Rosscor


  • Carrickreagh
  • Inishmacsaint
  • Camagh Bay (and slipway)
  • Drumcrow East

Boa Island

  • East End, Lower

Lough Erne

  • Lusty Beg
  • Lusty More Island
  • Drumrush


  • Magho Jetty


  • Lough Corry (slipway only)
  • Mill Lough, Killyfole (slipway only)


  • Meenameen Lough (slipway only)
  • Tully Castle


  • Knockninny T/S
  • Naan Island
  • Tiraroe

Derryvore (Trial Bay)

  • Aghalane (ShannonErne Waterway)
  • Corraquill (ShannonErne Waterway)


  • Ardhowen
  • Broadmeadow T/S* (*Lakeland Forum)
  • Regal Pass
  • Round ‘O’ (and slipway) T
  • Henry Street
  • Riverview
  • Culkey (Killyhevlin Rowing Course)
  • Killyhevlin
  • Erneside
  • Sligo Road (Waterways Ireland Headquarters)
  • Lough Erne Resort Hotel (Castle Hume)


  • Lough Melvin (and slipway)


  • Kesh River
  • Muckross (and slipway) T
  • Kesh Village T/S


  • Rossclare
  • Lough Erne Yacht Club, Goblusk Bay
  • Manor House Marine
  • Hay Island
  • White Island


  • Carrybridge (and slipway) T/S
  • Tully, Innishmore


  • Aghinver Boat Company
  • Castle Archdale (and slipway) EHS owned
  • Crevinishaughy Island (North)
  • Crevinishaughy Island (East)
  • Davey’s Island
  • Inishmakill Island (owned by the Forest Service)
  • Rossigh (and slipway) T
  • Inish Davar
  • Tom’s Island (Castle Archdale Forest)
  • White Island


  • Corradillar (and slipway)
  • Derryadd (and slipway)
  • Kilmore Quay
  • Ports (unknown ownership)
  • Smith’s Strand


  • Bun Bridge (and slipway)
  • Galloon T
  • Crom


  • Devenish Island, East
  • Devenish Island, West
  • Trory 

Jetties and Slipways are maintained by one or more of the following:
DAERA, Environment Service, Fermanagh District Council, Waterways Ireland

T - Toilet Facilities
S - Shower Facilities

Ghillies & Instructors

Andries Ferreira - Fisherman's Dreams Ltd

Full-time Fishing Guide based in West Fermanagh, specialising in trout, salmon, pike & sea fishing.
T: (028) 6865 8529 / 07710 407667

Ernie Booth

Enniskillen Game & Flyfishing Angling Guide
T: (028) 6632 0385 / 07771 617638

Colebrook Fly Fishing

Brookeborough Contact: Patrick Trotter
T: 07821 538548 / (028) 6772 1877

Qualified Game Angling Instructor, Providing casting tuition for fly fishing on Local rivers & hill loughs. Fly fishing also available on Lough Erne Casting tuition from beginner to advanced level with single handed fly rod. Angling equipment supplied if required.

Erne Angling

Contact: Colin Chartres Qualified instructor (Trout & Pike Fishing)
Issues fishing licences

Lough Erne Resort

T: (028) 6632 3230

Guided fly-fishing tours, casting tuition & game angling courses available. Resident ghillie. Rental of boats, equipment & tackle can also be arranged by the Resort.

Jim Hoy

Derrygonnelly Game Fishing Instructor
T: (028) 6864 1684 / 07773 200662

Hugh O'Reilly

Garrison Coarse & Game Fully Insured Angling Guide
T: (028) 6865 8117 / 07553 951499

David Stinson

Boa Island, Kesh Game & Course Fishing Instructor
T: (028) 6863 1951

Watermill Fishing Lodge

Kilmore Quay South, Lisnaskea
VIP Guide: Pascal Brissaud. Course Fishing: Pike & Trout
T: (028) 6772 4369

22 FT Ranger boat with fish finder and electric engine. £150 per day including lunch for 2. Also available boat hire, baits, tackle shop, packed lunches, evening meals & accommodation. Packages can include collection from airports for European fishermen.